I’ve been desperate to get out the house, especially since I took Thurs/Fri off work. The weather has been so bad though, that my tentative plan for an overnighter was canned.

Yesterday, I decided that I’d make a trip out to Carron Valley with the bike and get my fat arse some exercise. I was expecting to get wet and muddy, but within seconds of pulling into the car park, the rain started. I say rain, but what I really mean is deluge. I would have been soaked to the skin by the time I’d got the bike off the roof-rack. Now I don’t know about you but, if I’d been out and on the bike 5 minutes earlier I’d have been fine, but the psychological barrier of getting out of a warm, dry car into that filth was just too much.

Today, I have a new strategy: Get on the bike before the rain starts.

I’m only going round Loch Leven, so I won’t have the joy of swoopy trails, but at least my long weekend won’t have been a total washout.