Last time I was up the Ochils in deep show, I tired quickly, trudging through snow which hadn’t yet had enough freeze/thaw cycles to form névé. These look like a possibility for occasional use, any thoughts/suggestions?

I haven’t really put the skills learned at Glenmore Lodge in January to good use yet, that has to change this winter. I’m thinking of joining a club to make the most of the conditions this year and benefit from the safety in numbers or being part of a group. Cioch in Dunfermline is the obvious choice, I may head to their meeting this Thursday to check it out…

On a side note, the winter skills course at Glenmore Lodge was fantastic, I highly recommend it. It was very reasonably priced too, particularly after my discount as a MCoS member. GL is a fantastic resource, I’m more than a little bit jealous of those who work there 🙂