Finally managed to get out after having the rucksack packed and waiting for a couple of weeks now. Decided on Ben Vrackie as the weather was clear and it’s an excellent viewpoint. I’d hoped to take a ton of photos, but ended up talking to other walkers on the summit during the best of the light. There was a cold wind on top, but I dropped into a little hollow to pitch up, it was so sheltered I could even sleep with the tent door open all night.

I dozed off early on after a snack and woke an hour or so later, had some more to eat and read The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I got up for a wander around the summit in the darkness and decided once I was back at the tent to lie half in/half out the tent staring up into space for about an hour. Saw a ton of shooting stars/debris burning up in the atmosphere. Everyone should be made to stare at the stars from time to time. 🙂

On the downside, I found my Alpkit Wee Airic seems to have developed a slow puncture. I’ll need to stick it in the bath to see if I can spot it.

The forecast inversion never really happened, although there was mist over Lochs Tummel and Tay. I was hoping for a clear morning today, but the cloud had enveloped the summit and visibility was poor, so I headed back to the car without hanging about. I kept my Mardale pile boots on inside my trail shoes and by the time I reached the car the amount of steam coming out of my shoes was incredible, I may have to consider a pile jacket for winter conditions, very effective. Also, the thermal liner I bought for my bag did an excellent job, quite surprising given how thin it is, cheaper than buying a winter bag too 🙂