We were supposed to be up a hill today, but bed was just too cosy this morning, that and I’ve developed a chesty cough. I doubt a cold wind would have helped. It was to be a short walk from Glendevon up onto the the eastern Ochils, but lack of any firm plan or route contributed to the ‘sod it, let’s stay in bed’ malaise. All is not lost though, I have a trip planned to Glencoe for the week after next. Mostly for some photography, but I’ll be camping and may fit in some walking too.

Got out with the camera yesterday with Margaret, just a local jaunt to Aberdour. Mainly because I was desperate to use the remainder of my roll of HP5+ in the Mamiya c330 so I can get it sent off for processing. It seemed a bit warmer out than it has been recently, but it doesn’t take long standing around with the camera for a chill to set in. Still, it was good to be out. The sky was doing some nice stuff:

On the way back to the car, our path was blocked by this fearsome creature:

I held out my hand, Mary Poppins style, for him to jump onto but he wasn’t interested. He held our attention for a few minutes as he soaked up some warmth from the sun, which was falling fast.

Stopped by Tesco on the way home to pick up the new TGO and some essential Onion Rings. Spent the afternoon working on a rather bleak shot of Cockenzie Power Station whilst re-encoding all our .ogg files to mp3 to accomodate Margaret’s new open format challenged iPod Nano.

Need to start planning some details for Glencoe…