My first roll of film is back from the lab, these are unaltered scans. The film was Ilford HP5+, I was quite surprised at just how grainy there are.

I think shooting film might result in more ‘honest’ photographs. I’ve only ever used digital since I got interested in photography, I tend to shoot RAW normally and part of the appeal to me is taking the RAW file and transforming it to match my vision [or making a series of compromises until I get something reasonable]. I don’t yet feel like going crazy in the same way with film, maybe whilst I get a feel for it, I’ll just enjoy the characteristics of whatever film I happen to be using, maybe it’ll improve my technique or compositional skills.

Using a TLR feels very much like a reset of everything I’ve learned up to this point. The camera imposes it’s own square format, crop-able of course, but there is no more portrait or landscape, no more expose to the right, no more zoom lenses, no auto focus – just an image on a ground glass and shutter/aperture to create the exposure. The Mamiya really is a joy to use, viewing a nice big image on the ground glass really is a revelation after years of entry level SLR viewfinders. There is something inherently satisfying about getting the focus just perfect using the built in magnifier.

I’m now loaded up with Velvia and looking forward to seeing those once I finish the roll. I must admit, I kind of rushed through finishing my first film, as I was impatient about getting it developed. Hopefully as I use it more, I’ll get better at making the most of it’s characteristics.

Here’s some shots from the first roll:

St Andrews:

A couple of shots from Tillicoultry, near the River Devon:

One thing I have noticed on the scans is some vertical banding. I’m not quite sure what is causing it, I haven’t yet inspected the negatives. I’m not sure if it has been my film handling or the lab. You can see it most easily in the sky: