Please ignore the dirty dishes, we’d just finished roasting vegetables. 🙂

Whilst awaiting dinner [roast vegetable moussaka, Margaret’s on dinner duty] thought I’d seize the chance to test the newly built Caldera Clone coupled with my MYOG Burner and MSR Titan Kettle. I’m drinking the resultant mug of tea as I type this. About 6 minutes to boil around 500ml of tap water. One thing I was particularly surprised about is just how clean this thing burns. I’ve have a Trangia that we use when car camping and am used to seeing blackened pots from it, the was a little discolouration of the Titan, but no soot.

The whole kit [Burner, Clone, Kettle, 120ml Meths and a chopped 500ml drinks bottle to store the rolled Clone] comes in at 297g. Not bad, not quite Richard’s 150g territory, but not a bad start.

Cost of materials was about £5 for the Aluminium Foil from eBay, I think I have enough left over to maybe attempt a keg sized Clone. £5 and 40 minutes cutting time saves around £25 against the real deal.

So, 160g saved against the 457g of my gas stove. I doubt I’ll abandon gas, but it’s good to have options.

Much respect to Captain Paranoia at OutdoorsMagic for the Mad PostScript Skillz.