Have spent the morning so far tidying in anticipation of the Harrowers and Neises visiting tonight, I finally managed to get the Contrail pitched up and seam sealed. I’ve had it a month and still haven’t slept in it yet, going by the photo above need to work on my pitching skills too.

May has been a write off for getting out into the hills, which is a shame as it’s the last month where you have a pretty good chance of avoiding midgies. It’s definitely warming up too, it’s a scorcher today [my thermometer at the front door thinks it’s 35C, it’s not that hot, I think I need a new one]. All I know is, it’s too hot for this particular Scotsman. It’s too hot to be up hills today, I can barely move around the garden without breaking into a sweat. I was wearing latex gloves whilst seam sealing the tent, I can’t really recommend it in this heat, they were like two bags of sweat by the time I’d finished and hands were like prunes.

Once I get out and put the Contrail to use I’ll report back on how I find it. In the meantime, I’m off into the garden with a pear cider. 🙂