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I finally bit the bullet and ordered a new pack. At 1100g, my Osprey Talon 44 is light by conventional standards, but I wanted something even lighter, yet hard wearing. The CDT [formerly Conduit] seems to fit the bill at 590g [thumb loops, foam pad and bladder pouch removed]. Both design and capacity are similar to the Talon, but the CDT lacks a lid. Construction seems top notch and it arrived quickly from the US, although HM Customs/Parcel Farce wanted their pound of flesh before releasing it.

The CDT should have been out on it’s inaugural trip camping up Gleann Daimh [pron: dive] last night, but I somehow managed to injure my shoulder/neck in the shower [!] yesterday morning. I’m not sure how I managed it, but it now hurts when I turn my head to either side. Being a side sleeper, I knew sleeping on a 10mm foam pad would be futile. As it was, I had a fairly ropey night’s sleep in my own super comfy memory foam bed. Anyway, I had to make do with packing the CDT to see how it feels loaded [8kg-ish] and strapped on. Not much to say just yet, but it feels good. 🙂 Very comfortable, even with my tripod strapped to the side, hopefully I can get out soon and try it for real…