Through the forest above Balmaha

Tuesday was Margaret’s birthday, so we took the day off and headed through Loch Lomond direction for a day trip. It was a late-ish start, we arrived just before noon. The sun was splitting the sky and I was starving, so we headed into The Oak Tree for a superb pub lunch. Fueled up we headed out and straight up the wooded hill at the back of the visitor centre car park, and not having bothered with a map, wrongly assumed that we’d be able to contour round onto Conic Hill, oh well… It was a short, steep 20mins or so and then back down and along the WHW to head up Conic Hill.

The walk up was pretty easy going, other than not packing enough water, but we’d be back at the car soon enough. We passed a fair few folk clearly doing the WHW all of which were pleasant, except for a couple of ignorant bastards in Millet Expedition Project t-shirts, with a white husky. Neither could even muster a grunt in response to my greeting [I was ahead or Margaret at this point, she witnessed the same ignorance separately and commented on it once she caught me up]. Millet, if you’re going to send out ambassadors for your brand, you might want to ensure they can at least manage a smile when out on the trail. Nice dog though…

I took the direct route to the summit, over the grippy but steep-ish rock, whilst Margaret contoured around and came up the easier route. I was expecting a bit of wind on the summit, but there was just a warm breeze and a great view.

We sat for a while, took a few pictures and then headed back down [slowly, I whacked my toe when I fell out of the canoe and was still in some pain with it].

Dying of thirst we headed back into The Oak Tree for a drink and fruit scone in the shade. All the way down I was cursing not having a tent to stay up and enjoy sunset, but it looks like Steve Horner had that pleasure. Very jealous… :/ It’s been a good while since I’ve been out west, so now I’m thinking of an overnighter out that way somewhere…