Rothiemurchus, March 2010.

I said to myself in March when trudging around Rothiemurchus in snow so deep in places, it cupped my man parts, that I’d get some snow shoes. I posted earlier about some of the options I was looking at, but in the end decided most the MSR models were overkill [and very expensive] for Scotland and wasn’t convinced that, at nearly 17 stone/106 kg/240 pounds, the TSLs would provide the floatation I’d need, especially with the additional weight of a winter pack.

I briefly considered Yowies, but they too were relatively expensive and I was somewhat put off after seeing Phil Turner had decided to buy a second pair of snowshoes in addition to his Yowies. Turns out, he went for Redfeather Hikes [2200g per pair] and pointed me in the direction of and their international courier service with pre-paid import taxes. I knew of a couple of other folk with Redfeather snowshoes, notably PTC and Bobinson, so I’m fairly confident these’ll do the job…

Swing Tag

£125 all in. Rather that, than the Parcel Farce/H.M. Customs lottery. Ordered on Boxing Day, arrived today with DHL. If DHL can deliver in three days from the U.S., why can’t Royal Mail deliver the xmas presents I ordered on December 6th?

As I’d decided early on that I was going to get some snowshoes, I placed a christmas present order with my sister [Thanks Kirsty!] for some new trekking poles. I’d managed to lose one of Margaret’s Alpkit Carbonlites when it floated off downstream. Thankfully, she only uses one at a time, despite my attempts to convince her of the benefits for two poles.

So now I have my own, Fizan Compacts [335g per pair, no baskets] to be exact. The baskets are too small for snow use, so I’ll probably drop a tenner on these. But the design itself is sleek, without collars at the end of each pole section, not sure how that will affect tightening/loosening in freezing or wet conditions, but time will tell…

Of course, now I have all this kit, the thaw has set in and I think my sister might have given me a cold over christmas, but I hope to get out with them early in the new year.