I’ve forced myself to short-list six favourite shots from 2010, there were more I could have shared, but for one reason or another, these are six I’m particularly pleased with.

Cnip, Lewis, Scotland.
Surprisingly, this is the only non digital shot to make the list. Shot with my Mamiya Medium Format camera on Velvia 50. I love how Velvia has rendered the colours here.

The Golden Road, Harris, Scotland.
Compositionally, this is a bit ‘busier’ than I normally go for, but I think it really captures the nature of the Outer Hebrides. The mist, the water, the rocky landscape, the rusty railings, the single track road and the sprawling metropolis below.

Brough, Caithness, Scotland
A Sugimoto inspired shot across the Pentland Firth in the far north of Scotland. Again, I love the colour, the sea in particular, but it’s the vastness that really seals it for me.

Hill End, Fife, Scotland
This is more like my usual straightforward style. I love the light and simplicity in this shot.

Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland
I don’t tend to do many architectural shots, but I was pleased with how this one turned out, it’s all about the geometry, texture and subtle colour.

Crail Aerodrome, Fife, Scotland
Again, busier than my usual stuff, but I love the light in this shot and how the top half in particular looks more painted than photographic.