Pabaigh Mòr, Cnip, Lewis, 2010 – Mamiya c330S with Velvia 50

I don’t often talk about gear, particularly camera gear. I mention hiking gear on occasion, but I’m well behind the curve generally, so usually the minutiae is well covered elsewhere by the time I make a purchase and I usually only mention performance in brief. The reason I never mention digital cameras, is I find them kind of boring, it’s the pictures that interest me. Besides, I can’t afford to replace my trusty 350D any time soon, so lusting after the latest models on the market is an exercise in futility. Don’t get me wrong though, I’d love a high end dSLR.

However, film related gear is much more interesting. I love my TLR to the point I leave it out on display, rather than tucked away in the camera bag, just so I can look at it. It’s one of the few TLRs which have interchangeable lenses. Margaret bought it for my xmas in 2009, and for xmas 2010 bought me a new wide angle lens for it. It’s the 55mm f4.5 Sekor lens, which gives me some additional compositional flexibility. Today was the first time I’ve used it and look forward to getting the processed film back from the lab.

Mamiya Sekor 55mm 4.5 mounted on my Mamiya c330S

I have also bought myself a used Gossen Lunasix F light meter. For the past twelve months, I’ve been using the 350D as a glorified meter whenever I was shooting with the Mamiya, which makes life awkward and includes a bit of arithmetic too as I shoot at generally shoot Velvia 50, but the 350D only goes as low as ISO 100. The new meter should reduce my chances of forgetting the SLR is set to ISO 400…

Gossen Lunasix F

I bought the lens from Mifsuds and the meter from Peter Walnes, and can recommend both. I could have almost bought a new digital meter for what I paid for the Lunasix, but where’s the fun in that?