I wanted to share a few photos, some of which you might have seen before on this blog, others you won’t have. I’ve selected a number of photographs I’ve made over the past few years on my travels around Scotland. From the Ochils and Loch Lomond in the central belt, to Perthshire and the Angus Glens. North from the Cairngorms to the tip of mainland Scotland in Caithness and out west through Torridon to the Outer Hebrides on the edge of Europe.

I’ve been experimenting with Lightroom’s slideshow module, a feature I’d kind of forgotten existed. I’m not keen on the WordPress gallery/slideshow feature, so I’ve opted to output to video instead. As such, some of these have been re-cropped to better make use of the video aspect ratio. I’d have preferred the transitions to be a bit more dynamic, but I’m reasonably happy with this first attempt. For best results, you can view in HD over at Vimeo.