OK, so there’s been a spate of these recently. But they can sometimes be useful to see how others approach their kit. Obviously, being bald means I have a plethora of hats! I even have a glowstick on the list, should I ever feel like having an impromptu hillside rave.

I won’t claim this is 100% accurate, but it’s very close to what I was actually carrying for my Loch Daimh trip. I’ve been using my winter baselayer as a summer midlayer to save weight/bulk. And I should point out to maintain my ‘manly-man’ facade, that the Avon Skin-so-soft is of course used not exactly as bug repellent, but more as gloop for them to drown in. 😉

Only other point to make is that although I’m using Teko socks now, my old Smartwool socks were better IMO. And the Smartwool boxers I used to have were great [and expensive!], but not durable enough to cope with rubbing thighs in the erm, gentleman vegetables area.