I haven’t been doing as much photography over the past few months. I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ve just been lacking inspiration to get out and shoot. Still, that’s all changed since I bought my new camera and I have a few ideas which I’m going to pursue over the next few months. I headed out yesterday to try shooting some time-lapse up at Tentsmuir Beach, I stopped in at Tayport to shoot the ruined Pile Lighthouse which I’d last visited in February 2010. Below is the result of yesterday’s visit.

f/22 | 30 sec | ISO 100 | 200mm

I pulled up the 2010 version in Lightroom for a side by side comparison. I hadn’t looked at it in some time, although I remember not being particularly happy with it at the time. As it turns out, it’s just plain awful. Really bad. The image quality is pretty poor on the whole, despite being shot with the same lens as the new version [different 10stop filters were used, my new one is a B+W which is much better]. I’m using a different camera now too, but I’ve taken plenty of nice shots with my old 350D so that’s not the issue either. The processing is just horrible – lazy and harsh and I think that’s the main issue, sometimes it’s better to bin shots that aren’t coming together, than half-heartedly fiddle with them on the computer.

Even if you don’t care for the new image, I think you’ll agree it’s a vast improvement. Full horror below.

f/11 | 30 sec | ISO 100 | 184mm