I’m desperate to get out and lug this brute of a camera up some hills. OK, so I’m not so keen on the lugging part, but hope the results would be worth it!

Shooting Less/Shooting More
One of the big descisions for me when purchasing the new camera was should I go for film or digital. I eventually ruled out the Mamiya 7 [for now at least] based on expense. Even used, a body and two lenses would have been pushing £3k. I already have a Mamiya TLR and I like the restriction of only having a limited amount of shots I can make – 12 per roll – which enforces a more critical approach to shooting, no more taking 100s of shots and hoping for the best.

So I promised myself two things –

1. I would treat my new dSLR the same as if I was shooting film, ie shoot less, no more filling the CF card just because you can, this makes more sense given the size of the 5dmkII RAW files [yeah, I know storage is cheap, but it’s good practice anyway]. Exception to the rule – shooting wildlife.

2. I would go out and shoot more regularly, when you outlay so much on a camera/lens for what is essentially just a hobby, you’d better get your money’s worth out of it.

I can’t always be where I love to shoot [north, then west], but I think I can still make worthwhile images within a few miles of home. Get away from the mindset that there is nothing worth shooting around here. OK, not everyone considers a lamppost, manhole cover and asphalt worthwhile… 😉