Had a lazy weekend last week and went for a short wander around Lochore with M. This weekend is also going to be a quiet one, albeit enforced due to a cold M has kindly infected me with. Lochore is re-wilded land on the site of an old colliery here in Fife. It makes for a pleasant afternoon stroll at this time of year.

This mild weather has been really boring me though, my next couple of weekends aren’t free for outdoor pursuits, other than more local stuff, but I’m keen to find a window to get out further afield with the tent [the Akto’s last trip?]. I’m in the mood for subzero camp and clear starry skies, in the meantime I’ll be planning and reading blogs for inspiration. There seems to have been fewer snowy trip reports this winter, it seems the Nordic crowd are all having kids or breaking bones. Any recommendations of some snowy trip reports would be gratefully received.