It’s been a long time without an update. It’s not entirely that I’ve not being doing much, there has been the odd bothy trip and some new trails ridden, but sometimes real life gets in the way. There’s not been much weekend adventure to speak of.

The summer saw us up sticks and move along the coast to ‘The Fife Riviera’ which involved a bit of a layover with (almost) everything in storage for five weeks. Since we got in at the end of August much of my time (and all of my money!) has been spent doing ‘house stuff’. On the plus side, the neighbours are nice and I now have a beach for the Mukluk and a workshop to while away the winter evenings in.

Money continues to be scarce, as I’m now paying £30 per week to an osteopath to treat a long standing back/neck/shoulder (it varies from day to day :/) issue which had been ignored until I could no longer put up with it. Years of poor posture, 9-5 desk work and battering down hillsides on a bike have taken their toll. Progress has been made, but there is more to do. Tomorrow I start yoga classes (!) in hope of addressing the underlying issues and I’ve made an effort to get some easy miles in on the bike at lunchtimes.

I’m hopeful the end is in sight. Time to focus less on decorating and home improvement and more on recuperation, being good to myself and planning some winter excursions.

Here’s to clear nights and frosty mornings. I hope to be back under the tarp soon.