I made a charge north (in reality, a steady 60mph under the watchful eye of the new A9 average speed cameras) to Aviemore. When I saw the snowfall after recceing the usual webcams and that the ski trails around Glenmore had been pisted, I knew I had to get up.


I hadn’t found time to plan any camping or more adventurous routes, but given I’d not been north in months, this felt like progress nonetheless. Homelife has settled down somewhat in the past month or so and the pair of us are getting back to routine. Physically, I’m in ‘maintenance mode’, so back to doing all the stuff I enjoy for the most part.


Knowing I would cripple myself if I tried a full day skiing (if I tried to employ proper technique anyway) I opted to take the Mukluk for a workout on more compliant muscle groups in the afternoon. This turned out to be plenty strenuous in the end, between bashing through fresh snow and my front brake seizing on (meaning I had to pedal downhill on the descent), it was slightly less leisurely than anticipated.

Anyway, it’s good to be out and I’m looking forward to getting out more in 2015.