Once again things are all change at home, I’m back from Manchester and have started a new contract in Edinburgh which should hopefully see me avoiding hotels and sleeping more in my own bed for the next year. I actually finished up in mid-May and had a six week interval without work, which was great at first, but after I’d done some long overdue jobs around the house and garden I set to finding work, and didn’t in the end manage to do any trips other than a bothy overnighter with Tom and Angus.

We’re pretty well settled into the house now, coming up for two years at the end of the month. There is still much to do, but nothing especially pressing. We’ve started getting out more for day walks and even did a munro a couple of weeks back! Who knows, maybe soon I’ll be off wild camping and taking photos (new sleep mat purchased, but not yet tested).

I’m pleased to announce that after some gentle persuasion, I seem to have convinced M that we should buy a camper van. She’s now more excited at the prospect than I am. Still, I’m finding it hard to comprehend the price of some of them. The VW scene in particular seems to be mostly overpriced builders vans, with ham-fisted conversions, vile upholstery and VW stickers everywhere.

I’m quite taken with the prospect of taking off at the drop of a hat on a Friday evening, parking up somewhere and having a full day walking or whatever on Saturday without having to drive all the way home immediately afterward. Also, it means I can spend more hill time with M, who has never been into wild camping and as much as we enjoy our camp/tour holidays, the prospect of another damp evening, cooped up in the porch, swatting midges whilst eating slop out of a Trangia pot somehow seems less appealing than it used to. Bring on the comfort!*


*also; high waistbands, socks and sandals, tutting at young people.